Below Zero Ice Rink

Below Zero is one of the key leisure attractions entertainment destinations in Kuwait. We offer ice related activities for children and their families, allowing them to better learn the importance of physical activity, diligence and commitment whilst experiencing an enjoyable ice-skating experience. Below Zero branches are in Avenues Mall, Marina Mall and Jahra Mall.


Is there any age limit for starting skating?
Below Zero accepting all ages from 5 years old and above.
Children from 5 years old can skate alone or can be accompanied by an adult
Children 4 years old must always be accompanied by an adult.
Do you have any skating aids available?
Yes, we have four different types of skating buddies that can be hired for your skating session duration. You can choose from either a boy, penguin, a bear, or seal.
Our friendly team of ice marshals can help you find the right type of skating buddies available for both adults and children.
Are ice skates provided?
Yes, as part of your admission fee, skates and helmets are included.
Skaters can also purchase gloves, socks, or jacket upon his need with additional fees.
Do you have lockers?
Yes, we have lockers available where you may keep your personal belongings. We advise taking as little as possible on the ice, especially mobile phones and other pocket-sized items.
Do I have to pay as a spectator?
Spectators do not need to purchase a ticket.
But we prefer to have limited number of spectators to avoid crowdedness as well as we have limited number of seating areas.
What if I can’t make my session time?
As per our terms and conditions, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. We will always try our best to accommodate for exceptional circumstances, but for the avoidance of doubt, please ensure you can commit to that time and date before booking your ticket.
Is the ice real?
We work hard to provide premium quality ice that is cared for and resurfaced using high-tech ice resurfacing machine regularly throughout the day to ensure you get a sleek and smooth on-ice experience.
Do you offer any skating or learning programs?
Yes, we offer recreational and competitive ice skating courses available to suit all skill levels and needs.
Where is the rink located?
We are in the below locations:
Avenues Mall – Phase 4 - The Forum – Lower Ground Floor
Jahra Mall – Mezzanine Floor
Marina Mall – Second Floor
Will you have skates available that can accommodate my shoe size?
We have a large stock of skates that can accommodate any shoe sizes ranging from 25 to 46.
How do I book my tickets?
You can book your tickets online; we also accept walk in customers, but we can’t guarantee the availability of session times.
Is there a dress code?
For safety reasons, loose baggy clothing such as dishdasha, abaya and long dresses are not allowed. We recommend gloves and socks to keep yourself warmth and prevent cuts. We also have cozy gloves, socks, and jackets available for purchase at the ticketing counter.
Is it safe for children to skate by themselves?
An adult must always accompany children under 5 years old. Children over 5 years old can skate completely alone and unaided. Skating buddies are available for first time skaters and beginners.
How long am I able to skate?
We run sessions every 1 hour, and each session entitles each skater to 60 minutes of skating.
Do you have a snow room?
Yes, we have a snow playroom where kids can play with snow toys, create different snow figures, throw snowballs, shape, dig, write on snow and other fun activities. We provide kids with is a set of digging tools, trucks and all needed snow playing toys. The snow room is available in Marina Mall branch only.
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